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Cooler Master Addressable RGB LED Controller

Addressable RGB LED Controller

  • Giving You More For Less
  • Compact and Convenient
  • Countless Colors and Effects
  • Compatible with both ARGB and RGB Devices
  • Thermal Detection Function


Addressable RGB LED Controller

Convenient and compact design-With built-in magnets, it can be attached to any metallic surface.

Compatible With Motherboard Control Of Lighting

With header Connection to Motherboard as well as compatible with motherboard software to control lighting

Easy To Switch Between ARGB And RGB Lighting Control

1. LED Mode Adjustment

2. ARGB & RGB lighting Mode

3. LED Color Adjustment

4. LED Speed Adjustment

Thermal Detection Function

With Thermal Detection Cable, temperature can be monitored and displayed through color lighting effects


Reset Button

Reset Button on your Case can also control the lighting


Function Of Each Connection

1. To connect Motherboard 4-Pin RGB header. Lighting can be controlled by Motherboard.

2. To connect USB of Motherboard, to update firmware of controller for more lighting effect.

3. To connect Motherboard 3-Pin ARGB header. Lighting can be controlled by Motherboard.

4. To connect 3-Pin ARGB fan.

5. Signal tracing header.

6. Case Reset header.

7. Motherboard Reset header.

8. Thermal Detection header.



Product Name



88 x 53 x 15mm / 3.5 x 2.1 x 0.6"



Input Connector



1x Fan Signal Wire, 1x Case Restarting Wire, 1x Motherboard Restart Wire, 1x RGB 4-Pin Connector, 1x RGB 4-Pin Motherboard Connector, 1x USB Header Connector, 1x USB Adapter, 1x Addressable RGB 3-Pin Motherboard Connector, 1x Thermal Detection Sensor Wire, 4x Addressable RGB 3 Pin Connector


RGB Accessories

Cooler Type

RGB Accessories

LED Connector

Addressable RGB 4 Ports, RGB 1 Port


Micro USB 2.0


2 years


Price, feature and specifications are subject to change without notice.


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