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Cooler Master Fan Pro 140 Air Flow

MasterFan Pro 140 Air Flow 

In tackling cooling needs, there is no ‘one fan fits all.’ Each of the two 140mm fans in the MasterFan Pro series provides a specific air cooling solution while all being fitted with multiple layers of our exclusive noise reduction technology and adjustable speed profiles. Put together, they work in harmony to cool your entire and its components. Air Flow fans are ideal for exhausting large volumes of air quickly. We recommend them for use on the rear or top panels.

Glossy Coating

Reduces air resistance

Aviary Inspiration

Each fan blade design was inspired by design from modern aircraft

Rubber Mounting

With threads to absorb vibrations and rattle noise

Silent Driver Ic

Smoothens fan rotation to reduce vibration and fan clicks


Precision material with 490,000hr life expectancy (MTTF)

Find your balance

Just as there is no one fan that fits all, cooling is also highly individual. Each MasterFan Pro provides three profiles to adjust between your personal mix of silence and performance.

 Air Balance Fans

Air Balance fans are an ideal mix between pressure and air flow. We recommend them for use on C.P.U coolers.

Air Flow Fans

Air Flow fans are ideal for exhausting large volumes of air quickly. We recommend them for use on the rear or top panels.

Air Pressure Fans

Air Pressure fans are ideal for funneling concentrated air short distances at hot components or through tight spaces. Recommended for use on the front panel or attached to components.


Dimensions (LxWxH)

140(L) x 140(W) x 25(H) mm

LED Color





S Mode (Silent) 650-800 RPM ± 10% Q Mode (Quiet) 650-1,300 RPM ± 10% P Mode (Performance) 650-1,600 RPM ± 10%

Bearing Type

POM Bearing


4-Pin (PWM)


S Mode (Silent) 53 CFM ± 10% Q Mode (Quiet) 88.1 CFM ± 10% P Mode (Performance) 106 CFM ± 10%

Air Pressure

S Mode (Silent) 0.54 mmH2O ± 10% Q Mode (Quiet) 1.42 mmH2O ± 10% P Mode (Performance) 2.1 mmH2O ± 10%

Life Expectancy

490,000 hrs

Noise Level (dBA)

S Mode (Silent) 6 - 20 dBA Q Mode (Quiet) 6 - 30 dBA P Mode (Performance) 6 - 36 dBA

Rated Voltage

12 VDC

Rated Current

S Mode (Silent) 0.07A Q Mode (Quiet) 0.15A P Mode (Performance) 0.25A

Power Consumption

S Mode (Silent) 0.84W Q Mode (Quiet) 1.8W P Mode (Performance) 3W


4x Tap Screw


5 Years


Price, feature and specifications are subject to change without notice.


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