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Deepcool EX750 5G Thermal Paste

EX750 5g

DeepCool EX750 high performance thermal paste is crafted for extremely low thermal resistance for efficient heat dissipation in any scenario.


Industrial Grade Thermal Interface

DeepCool EX750 offers extremely low thermal resistance that maximizes heat transfer and dissipation for high performance CPU & GPU (desktop/laptop) components

The Best Match, Every Time

A smooth consistency allows for easier application and helps fill in every microchannel between surfaces for excellent thermal conductivity


Safe And Stable

DeepCool EX750 is a highly stable thermal compound and not electrically conductive or hazard to your PC components.



Grease Color


Grease Weight

5 g

Thermal Impedance


Thermal Conductivity

6.2 W/m·K

Specific Gravity(25°C)

2.6 g/cm³

Operating Temperature

"-50°C to +250°C


Price, feature and specifications are subject to change without notice.



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