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Corsair VOID RGB Usb Dolby 7.1 Gaming Headset

VOID RGB USB Dolby 7.1 Gaming Headset (AP)

Easy one-cable connection with built-in Dolby Headphone for true 7.1 channel positional audio. 


Comfort. Redefined.

Enter the VOID—the innovative family of advanced gaming headsets from Corsair. Whether you choose wireless, USB, or stereo powered audio gear, you will always be one step ahead of your enemies.

Corsair VOID headsets not only feature great sound but are comfortable enough to stay on your head for long gaming sessions. The fast forward design features light weight, contoured ear cups, and other leading edge tech. Corsair VOID headsets are the ultimate synthesis of performance and comfort.

 Legendary Audio With Zero Hassle

You get 7.1 audio, with 0.0 cables. Enjoy 2.4GHz wireless freedom from up to 40 feet away from your PC, and up to 16 hours of uninterrupted gaming between charges.

 Don’t pause for sound. See it with infomic and iCUE control.

InfoMic brings critical information to the end of your microphone, enabling an instant “heads up” for everything you need to know about in-game audio: EQ settings, Dolby, microphone mute status, and battery life – all visually communicated via the LED indicators next to the microphone.

iCUE Control enables rapid re-spec of your audio settings on the fly. The digital dial and push button combo allows quick volume changes and EQ preset swaps, and toggles Dolby 7.1 on or off, all with a single control.

 Unrivaled Comfort

Your ears aren’t round, so why buy a headset with round earcups? Our “True Form” shape fits your ears like a glove… for your ears. And when it’s time to embark on marathon gaming sessions, the microfiber-wrapped memory foam ear pads enable extended play.

 RGB Lighting Under Your Command With iCUE Software

Express yourself with 16.8 million color options to match your gear and your individual style. LEDs in each ear cup have fully adjustable power, pattern and color to provide anything from subtle and restrained, to eye-grabbing intensity.

The iCUE (Corsair Utility Engine) enables all this, and more. And with iCUE, your Corsair RGB gaming gear can all work in harmony, whether it’s simply synchronizing your colors, or selecting wave and ripple effects that extend across your keyboard, mouse, and headset.

 Discord Certified

With Discord certification, you can play with the confidence that your VOID headset’s microphone and audio have been tested and evaluated to the highest of standards, ensuring clear communication and great sound – no matter the game you play.

Find out more about Discord certification.

 Epic Immersion And True Multi-Channel Audio

Efficient 50mm neodymium drivers create staggering bass, scintillating highs, and towering dynamic range, and genuine Dolby 7.1 surround delivers lethally accurate positional audio.

 Noise Cancelling Microphone

If you’re a team player, you need crystal clear voice communication. The noise-cancelling microphone puts your voice in the spotlight – and nothing else.

 Intelligent control. Unlimited possibilities.

CORSAIR iCUE software enables custom audio equalizer settings, immersive 7.1 surround sound, sidetone control and RGB lighting synchronization with compatible CORSAIR peripherals, coolers, fans and more.



Headset Backlighting


Audio Product




Audio CUE Software

7.1 Surround


32k Ohms @ 1 kHz

Detachable Microphone


Surround Sound


Rechargble Battery


Headphone Frequency Response

20Hz - 20 kHz

Headphone Battery Life


Microphone Sensitivity

-37dB (+/-3dB)

Headphone Sensitivity

107dB (+/-3dB)

Headphone Wireless Range


Headphone Type

Wired, USB

Headphone Connector




Cable Length


Headphone Drivers






Microphone Impedance

2.2k Ohms

Microphone Type

Unidirectional noise cancelling

Microphone Frequency Response

100Hz to 10kHz


2 Years


Price, feature and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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