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NZXT Kraken G12 GPU Mounting Kit for Kraken X Series AIO - Matte Black

Kraken g12


Gpu mounting kit for kraken x series aio


Quickly mount any kraken x series liquid cooler onto graphics cards with the kraken g12 mounting kit. It delivers a 40% increase in cooling capacity over stock cooling, and features a newly designed bracket with an easier installation process versus the kraken g10. Plus, the g12 is compatible with more than 30 liquid coolers on the market.

  • Supports the latest kraken z63/z73/x53/x63/x73/x42/x52/x62/x72
  • Convert gpu’s stock cooling to liquid cooling with 40% increase in cooling capacity
  • Supports both amd and nvidia graphics cards–reference and most non-reference design
  • Compatible with over 30 liquid coolers and 40 different gpus
  • 92mm fan for active vrm cooling with space for aftermarket vrm heatsinks



Model number

Rl-krg12-b1 (matte black)

Fan speed

1,500 rpm

Fan connector


Fan bearing

Rifle bearing

Fan rated voltage

12v dc, 0.18a, 2.16w

Compatibility - graphics cards

GeForce RTX* 2080**, 2080 Ti**, 2070**, Titan X, Titan, Geforce GTX 1080 Ti, 1080, 1070, 1060, 980 Ti, 980, 970, 960, 780 Ti, 780, 770, 760***, 680, 670, 660Ti, 660, 580, 570

RX 590, 580, 570, 480, 470, R9 390X****, 390***, 380X****, 380, 290X****, 290****, 285***, 280X****, 280****, 270X, 270, R7 370, HD7970****, 7950****, 7870, 7850, 6970, 6950, 6870, 6850, 6790, 6770, 5870, 5850, 5830
*RTX uses the "A" brackets for mounting
**Supports referenced-based design only.
***Supports long PCB variant only due to PCIe power connector interference.
****Some variations in AMD die height may require the use of a copper shim which is not included.

Known incompatibility - graphics cards

Nvidia = geforce rtx 2060, amd = rx vega 64

Compatibility - aio liquid coolers

Kraken Z73, Z63, X73, X63, X53, X72, X62, X52, X42, X61, X41, X31, X60, X40

H105, H110, H90, H75 (CW-9060015-WW only), H55, H50 (CW-906006-WW only)

Water 3.0 Riing RGB 360, 280, 240, Red 280, 140,
Water 3.0 Ultimate, Extreme S, Extreme, Pro, Performer
Water 2.0 Extreme, Pro, Performer

KUHLER H2O 920V4, 620V4, 920, 620

LQ-320, LQ-315, LQ-310


201 x 113 x 32 mm, fan dimensions = 92 x 92 x 25 mm


2 years


Price, feature and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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