The Kingston Fury Renegade

Kingston is no new name in the memory market, they have been steadily one of the reliable and well-known consumer device memory manufacturers in the industry.


The one we are looking at are the Kingston Fury Renegade modules which boast some pretty solid promises. Not to be confused with HyperX Fury RAM, Kingston has officially sold the HyperX brand and are now using Fury as their branding, a name which was previously associated with some of their budget-oriented products.

The Fury Renegade and Fury Beast Modules are the first memory series under this Fury branding.

These products actually arrive in just the right time because DDR5 is knocking on the door and these two might possibly be their final DDR4 product entries depending on how soon the anticipated consumer system DDR5 memory starts going mainstream, because after all DDR5 is better is almost every important regard as per what we know so far. These sticks have both RGB and non-RGB versions so you can pick your poison based on what fits your system.

The RGB is customizable using your motherboard’s RGB control software or Kingston’s own dedicated software. Now keep in mind that the RGB modules only go up to 4600Mhz at CL19. Either way you will be covered by a lifetime warranty by Kingston.

The Renegades are advertised to go high in clock speeds as much as 5333Mhz options with a respectable CAS Latency of 20. On paper that is indeed a decent mix of latency and speeds as their marketing suggests.

Also, they have preconfigured Intel XMP profiles which covers the current gen Intel chips as well ready with AMD Ryzen.


So overall, these are good options to choose for your next build. 

The balanced performance matched with the decent aesthetics makes the FURY Renegade worth looking at.