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Ant Esports ICE-C120 CPU Air Cooler

Ant Esports ICE-C120 CPU Air Cooler
Ant Esports ICE-C120 CPU Air Cooler
Ant Esports ICE-C120 CPU Air Cooler
100% Genuine -4 %
Ant Esports ICE-C120 CPU Air Cooler
Ant Esports ICE-C120 CPU Air Cooler
Ant Esports ICE-C120 CPU Air Cooler
Ant Esports ICE-C120 CPU Air Cooler
  • Model: ICE-C120
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Ant Esports ICE-C120 Low Profile CPU Air Cooler

  • Low Profile Design for Small Form Factor Builds: The Ant Esports ICE-C120 is specifically designed for small form factor builds where space is limited. With a total height of only 66mm, this low profile CPU air cooler ensures compatibility with compact cabinets, making it an ideal choice for users seeking high cooling performance in constrained spaces.
  • Efficient Cooling with High Static Pressure Fan: The ICE-C120 is equipped with a non-RGB 120mm high static pressure fan in a distinctive yellow color. The fan's hydro bearing technology not only ensures high durability but also contributes to quiet operating noise levels. With a capacity to produce up to 48 CFM of air, this high static pressure fan provides an optimum cooling experience for the CPU.
  • Optimized Heatsink Design for Heat Conduction Efficiency: The heatsink of the ICE-C120 is crafted from pure aluminum, employing a compaction process to minimize the distance between each fin. This design choice enhances heat conduction efficiency, ensuring that the cooler effectively dissipates heat away from the CPU. The compact heatsink makes the cooler well-suited for small form factor systems.
  • Non-RGB Yellow Aesthetics: The ICE-C120 features a distinctive yellow color for the fan, adding a touch of style to the system. The non-RGB design maintains a clean and minimalistic look, catering to users who prefer a simple and cohesive aesthetic for their compact builds.
  • Universal Compatibility and Easy Installation: With an easy installation mechanism, the ICE-C120 is user-friendly and compatible with all mainstream AMD and Intel platforms, including AM5 and LGA 1700 sockets. The streamlined installation process ensures that users can efficiently set up the cooler in their systems, providing high cooling performance without sacrificing compatibility in small form factor builds.




Intel: LGA1700/115X/1200

AMD: FM1, FM2, AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, AM4

Product Size


Fan Size




Rated Voltage


Starting Voltage


Rated Current


Fan Speed

1500 ± 10% RPM

Air Flow



18 ± 10%dBA


50,000 Hours

Bearing Type

Hydro Bearing


1 year


Price, feature and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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